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Why is it SO easy to fall into bad habits and SO hard to start new ones?

I don't know, but it's a question I frequently ask myself!

And why is exercise so darned hard?

And sitting in my comfy chair so easy?

And why don't I make better decisions about my health?

Well, let's do something about this and see if,

together, we can change things around!

How many of you like to travel?

How many of you would like to go to Paris?

Well, that we can do -

and start a GOOD habit in the process!

You and I are going for a walk today - in Paris!!!

And here's the good news: no expensive plane tickets,

no long lines at security, no lugging those heavy suitcases.

Just stand up, put on some comfortable shoes and clothes

and let's go to Paris!

And with this Paris Walking Tour DVD, you can come along with me.

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Spoiler: this is not an "OMG, I'm going to faint, this is so hard and I hate it" kind of walk.

You will not only survive, but I can almost promise you will enjoy it!

Let's start our Paris walk this morning on the Left Bank, by the Seine.

A definite must-see in Paris is Notre Dame Cathedral!

Hint: Be brave and walk to the top to see the gargoyles and all of Paris beneath you!!

It is definitely worth the effort and is so unbelievably awesome...

There are some very interesting books in the outdoor stalls.

Maybe we'll check these out later.

Another Paris legend is definitely the Louvre -

and check out those glass pyramids in the courtyard:

We can thank I. M. Pei for these!

Oh my - is that an Egyptian obelisk in the middle of the Place de la Concorde?

The Tuileries gardens give us a great view and

walking in the sunshine is nice, too.

And how many of us haven't dreamed of shopping

on the Champs-Elysees?

Suddenly you're at the Arc du Triomphe -

another Paris landmark.

Now we're on to Montmartre -

lots of people having fun and enjoying the day.

As we walk towards the Eiffel Tower at sunset,

we'll pass couples holding hands,

small groups of friends laughing,

friends taking pictures together,

life being lived with joie de vivre

in one of the most romantic places on earth! Paris...

Wow, that was fun - and didn't the time go fast?

And you know what, we not only saw

some of the best parts of Paris but also got in

some great exercise!

I feel good about this

and plan to do it AGAIN - soon!

Thanks for coming with me - a bientot!

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